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Switch to lower alcohol wines

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The new research for the Wine and Spririts Trade Association (WSTA) Market Report suggests that a switch by wine drinkers to lower alcohol wines compared to standard wines is ongoing. Advantage for cool climate wine growing zones of Germany, since grapes have a long time to ripen and develop their internationally reknowned full bodied aromas in lower alcohol wines.
According to the study, executed by the "Wilson Drinks Report", consumer's concerns around the taste and quality of lower alcohol products are the main obstacles on the way to a break through.

Red wine drinkers display the greatest reservations, with 55% saying they have concerns about the taste of lower alcohol wines. There is also a degree of concern from wine drinkers that they will not be able to get their favourite brands, favourite varietals or favourite wine regions in a lower ABV format.

However, the research also indicates that wine drinkers will consider buying lower alcohol wines if their concerns around taste and quality can be satisfactorily addressed. Hence, it is a matter of informing consumers about the qualities of lower alcohol wines. The German Wine Institute is running offices in the most important export markets for German Wine in order to do so. International press trips and presentations in foreign markets enhance the knowledge of connoisseurs around the globe, regarding German quality wines made of grape varieties like Riesling, Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) and others.

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