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Consumers are in the mood for "sekt"

Germans like it sparkling. Last year they drank 335 million litres of sekt which corresponds to a per capita consumption of 4.1 litres or five and a half bottles of sekt per year respectively. This was announced by the German Wine Institute (DWI) based on data provided by the Federal Statistical Office.

Thus, in an estimated global sparkling wine market of about two billion bottles per year, approximately every fifth bottle of sekt (22 percent) consumed worldwide is uncorked in Germany. Hence, the Germans take the lead in this sector worldwide.

 According to DeStatis statistics, 1,590 businesses have last year produced 420 million bottles of sparkling wine with a minimum of six percent by volume of alcohol. However, of these, 1,364 businesses market less than 10,000 litres per year. Among these are the numerous suppliers of Winzersekt (quality sparkling wines produced in specified regions) who quantitatively represent a comparatively very small part of the total market, though. Only 0.8 percent of the total volume of sparkling wine marketed in Germany was produced by small wine-growing businesses in 2011, while 86 percent came from the seven largest producers with a quantity of sales of more than five million litres of sparkling wine per year each. Small businesses marketed an average of 2,500 bottles of sparkling wine each in 2011, while large concerns averaged about 38 million bottles each.

Only a relatively small part of the German grape harvest goes into the production of sparkling wines such as Winzersekt. Sparkling wines made from domestic base wines are identified as “Deutscher Sekt” (German quality sparkling wine) or “Sekt b.A.” (quality sparkling wine psr) on the label. The majority of sekt produced in Germany is made from foreign base wines which are initially imported into Germany as bulk wine and then turned into sparkling wine locally. Find chart with more information. (source: German Wine Institute archive, August 7th 2012) 

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