Classic / Selection

Vintage 2000 marked the advent of "Classic" and "Selection" – terms meant to simplify matters for consumers. Classic wines enable everyone to easily find uncomplicated, dry varietal wines for everyday enjoyment – reliable taste and quality at an affordable price. Selection wines are premium quality, dry varietals available in limited quantities and priced accordingly.

Winemakers in all 13 German wine-growing regions can produce these wines, provided the wines are above average in quality, harmoniously dry in taste, and made from a traditional grape variety, such as Riesling, Silvaner, Rivaner or a Burgunder (Pinot) variety. The concept is designed to impart a clear profile regarding a wine¹s quality and taste.

Classic wines are easy to recognize – the labels bear the Classic logo next to the name of a traditional grape variety. The name of the producer and wine-growing regions are also mentioned, but vineyard names have been deliberately omitted.

Selection wines must meet additional quality criteria: grapes must originate from an individual vineyard site (it is named on the label) and be harvested by hand; yields are lower than prescribed by law; first release is September 1st of the year following the harvest. Because all Classic and Selection wines are harmoniously dry in style, the terms "trocken" (dry) and "halbtrocken" (off-dry) are superfluous.


Classic wines

German wines bearing the Classic logo on their labels have a consistently clear taste profile: they are harmoniously dry, with an ideal balance of sweetness and acidity. read more


Classic grape varieties

The Classic wine logo always appears on labels in conjunction with the name of a traditional grape variety. Grapes, such as Riesling or Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), instantly come to mind. read more


Selection wines

Connoisseurs know that "Selection" signals the best of the vintage.....a carefully selected, top-quality exquisite example of German winemaking skill. Taste profile: dry. read more


Selection grape varieties

Only the finest traditional grape varieties meet the high quality standards prescribed for Selection wines. read more