Riesling Weeks

Countries and Dates of Riesling Weeks 2017

Canada July 1st - July 31st www.germanwinecanada.com
China July 1st - July 31st www.rieslingweeks.com.cn 
Japan July 1st - July 31st www.winesofgermany.jp/ 
UK July 1st - July 31st www.31daysofgermanriesling.co.uk 
Germany Sep 9th - Sep 26th www.weinentdecker-werden.de

The Netherlands June 2nd - June 18th www.duitsewijn.nl/actueel/details/news/detail/News/rieslingweeks-2017-1/
Norway June 5th - June 18th www.tyskvin.no 
USA June 1st - July 31st www.germanwineusa.com
Sweden June 12th - June 18th www.tyskaviner.nu   
Switzerland June 1nd - June 11th riesling-week.ch   
Hong Kong June 1st - June 30th rieslingweeks.hk 

Denmark May 18th - May 28th www.winesofgermany.dk Belgium May 27th - June 12th www.rieslingweeks.be
Finland May 8th - May 20th www.saksanviinitiedotus.fi  Poland May 8th - May 28th www.winaniemieckie.pl/aktualnosci/aktualnosci/details-pl/news/detail/News/riesling-weeks-2017/ 

Impressions from Riesling Weeks Hongkong 2017

The Riesling Weeks are German wine promotions in association with restaurants and wine retailers which started in the US in 2005. The promotion aims to highlight to consumers the quality, versatility and food-matching capabilities of German Rieslings as well as other grape varieties at all price points.

Encouraged by the great success, the German Wine Institute has implemented trade and gastro promotions in many other wine markets as well. If you are interested in participating, please let us know: info(at)deutscheweine.de.

Today, in the U.S., in Canada and the United Kingdom our promotions are running for a whole month and the name has changed to "The 31 Days of German Riesling". In 2015 "Riesling Weeks" and "31 days of Riesling” are taking place in the following countries as listed below.

Please check in the individual sites if your favourite restaurants are also joining the club.