Administration/Central Services

Administration/Central Services

The staff of the administration/central services department sees to it that all internal and external services of the German Wine Institute run smoothly - from telecommunication to monetary transactions or accounting, as well as management of the institute's wine cellars. 

Head of department

External audit section

Department director
Jens Schneider
+49 6135 / 9323 - 111

Florian Schmitt
+49 6135 / 9323 - 117

Walter Härtel
+49 6135 / 9323 - 116

Contraction/ Support programme


Marc Binz
+49 6135 / 9323 - 118

Assisted by
Nina Longerich
+49 6135-9323-115

Sina Strupp
+49 6135 / 9323-108

Finance Department/ Deputy Head of Departement

Central services section

Deputy director and head of the financial section
Stanislava Dikova
+49 6135 / 9323 - 112

Assisted by
Nicola Dorsch
+49 6135 / 9323 - 113

Assisted by
Laura Andrijauskaite
+49 6135 / 9323 - 114

Dirk Böttcher
+49 6135 / 9323 - 119

Anyone who contacts the DWI by phone for the first time is greeted by Dirk Böttcher, the colleague from the post and service office. He ensures that all conversation requests are forwarded to the right contact person. Also incoming and outgoing mail as well as large and small mailings go through his desk.

Behind the scenes, the staff sees to it that debits and credits are balanced. Jens Schneider, director of the department, is responsible for the budget; assigning and monitoring external audits; and handling personnel matters.

He is assisted by Stanislava Dikova, deputy director and head of the financial section. She prepares budgets, draws up balances, and deals with matters concerning information technology.

Florian Schmitt and Walter Härtel are “traveling auditors,” who personally ensure that contributions to the German Wine Fund have been duly paid (according to §43 of the German wine law).

Nicola Dorsch and Laura Andrijauskaite are responsible for all bookkeeping tasks. They monitor accounts; prepare monthly and annual statements of accounts; and handle all monetary transactions.

Marc Binz leads the legal department and advises the colleagues on all legal matters relating to contracts. In addition, he supports all departments in questions of procurement procedures and the topic of "De Minimis"-subsidies.