Monika Reule, as a member of the board of the Deutscher Weinfonds (DWF, or German Wine Fund) as well as managing director of the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute), Deusche Weinakademie (DWA, or German Wine Academy) and Weinwerbe GmbH (promotional materials management company), is in charge of the generic marketing of German wine.

Her responsibilities include strategic planning and coordination of appropriate communication and marketing measures to foster the quality and sales of German wine at home and abroad. She is also responsible for efficient on-site implementation of the measures. Furthermore, in consultation and close cooperation with the supervisory and administrative boards of the DWF, as well as with associations representing various branches within the wine industry, the managing director’s role is to represent the interests of generic marketing vis-á-vis political, governmental, scientific and other organizations, and the general public, at home and abroad. She is assisted by a staff of some 40 men and women at headquarters in Bodenheim.

All queries directed to management are initially handled by her assistant, Christa Dapper. She is “an island of calm amidst the waves” and responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of the many appointments and activities at headquarters in Mainz, and always has an overview of what’s going on when and where.

Please contact Susanne Becker if any questions arise regarding the booking and availybility of The German Wine Queen and The German Wine Princesses.

Geschäftsführung / CEO

Monika Reule

+49 6135 / 9323 - 106 

Assistant to the CEO

Christa Dapper 

+49 6135 / 9323 - 106 

Assisted by

Susanne Becker

+49 6135 / 9323 - 146