Alain Jacobs: Honorary member of the Dutch Sommelier Guild


The Dutch Sommelier Guild (NGS) appointed new honorary life members during their annual meeting on February 8th.

In addition to the Burgundy expert Karel de Graaf, this also includes the long-time owner of the information and promotion centre for German wine in Belgium and the Netherlands, Alain Jacobs. This long-time enthusiast for German wine is based in Breda.

Jacobs overtakes the British in export

Jacobs landed a historically unique PR coup when, immediately after the first shutdown in March 2020, he created a so-called “German Wine Hub” on the Internet at a rapid pace, thus networking wine lovers and retailers. This campaign was so successful that it was imitated in many markets. His sustained work shifted the ranking of the top 3 export markets for German wine, so that the Dutch market became the second most important sales market after the USA and ahead of Great Britain (Statistics Booklet p. 27, table 20).

The PR professional Alain Jacobs and his wife Gisela organize numerous lectures and tastings during regular operations. They are also the first point of contact for exhibiting wine companies from Germany, e.g. at the "Wine Professional" during Jan van Lissum's Horecava, the "Libelle" (magazine) summer week, the Margriet winter fair, the Vakantiebeurs and the "Huishoudbeurs".

Jacobs: “I would like to bring consumers into contact with dry German wine to make it clear to them that German wine is not just feinherb (semi-dry). I can only achieve this goal by offering people opportunities to convince themselves through tasting. "

More innovative events by Alain Jacobs:

  • For several years now, the wine bar at Dutch festivals (Pinkpop, Down the Rabbit Hole and Lowlands) has been exclusively stocked with German wines.
  • After 15 successful years in the Amsterdam Arena of "Riesling & Co." the location was changed this year and the title adapted to "Riesling, Pinot & Co." There are approximately 500 trade visitors per year at this event.
  • The first "German Wine Day" was organized on King's Day in 2015 and has become so popular with Dutch professionals that demand far surpasses capacity every year.
  • Consumer fairs: In 2012 he started to present German wines for the first time at the Libelle Zomerweek in Almere. Today, at a total of 6 consumer fairs, a range of German wines for food retail are presented with the help of a bar. Overall, more than 20,000 private individuals are brought into contact with German wine every year.
  • German quarantine and BBQ wine packs were created by Dutch importers during the Covid lockdowns
  • Orange Hour: at the upcoming ProWein, he will host and celebrate the 10th anniversary of this event pitching German wines to Dutch buyers

Alain Jacob’s Career:


1989-1995: working at debelux (German, Belge, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce) for the German Wine Institute (DWI)

Since 1995: self-employed for the DWI


Since 2002


2003: Wine Man of the Year / Vino Magazine (Benelux wine magazine)

2011: Diamond Award (Proefschrift)

2015: Johannes Calvin Prize (presented by René van Heusden)

2021: NGS honorary member for life


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