Anna rocks!


The incumbent German Wine Princess Anna-Maria Löffler likes to turn the amplifier up a little. In the interview, she explains which rock music she likes and what it has to do with the wine industry.

What’s been pumping out from the speakers during lockdown?

Bon Jovi, Queen, AC / DC, Alice Cooper, The Killers, Bryan Adams, Scorpions, Green Day, R.E.M, The Beatles, Nickelback ... the list is long!

Where do you see a parallel between winemaking and the rock scene?

Both are incredibly multifaceted and artists as well as winemakers support their work with a lot of power. For me personally, the decisive factor is above all the passion and liveliness with which both of them stimulate the senses of so many!

Summer + wine festival + rock music + Riesling - for me that is simply the formula for happiness!

Why is Riesling the rock star among German grape varieties for you?

Because it can be anything! Lively, minerally, straightforward, juicy, complex, tingling, delicately fruity or mellow and definitely NEVER BORING!

Which rock legend would you like to hear live?

I would love to see Bon Jovi live, because the song "It's my life" always fits!

Which wine-food combination blows you away and would be totally suited for a music festival?

Grilled salmon on breadrolls with a Riesling sparkling wine (sekt) or an Angus beef burger with a dry mineralic Riesling! This is #gaumenkitzel (tickles the taste buds) and #musikfürdiezunge (music for the tongue).

What goes through your head when you read the comment on your Facebook page: "Finally a wine queen with a rock gesture! Meeeega!"

I was so happy that there are more rock-loving wine lovers out there! :)


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