Berlin Wine Trophy: Six Grand Gold medals for Germany


At the winter tasting of the Berlin Wine Trophy, 371 German wines were awarded a medal . In addition to 23 silver and 342 gold medals, German wineries and vintners' cooperatives won the highest award of Grand Gold six times.

Among the award-winning German wines, the 2018 vintage predominated with 197 wines, compared to 85 wines from the last harvest in 2019. German sparkling wines also won prizes, but the majority of the medals (333) were for still wines. Three quarters of the awards given to German wines went to white wines; Riesling was the most successful German grape variety with 116 awards.

The six German wines that achieved the highest award of Grand Gold at the Berlin Wine Trophy are:

  • Sauvignon blanc Trockenbeerenauslese 2018, Paulinenhof winery (Rheinhessen)
  • Katzenkopf Silvaner Beerenauslese 2018, Winzer Sommerach Cooperative (Franconia)
  • Sauvignon Blanc Trockenbeerenauslese 2018, Felsengartenkellerei Besigheim (Württemberg)
  • Wachtenburg Sternenmühle Grauburgunder trocken 2019, Wachtenburg Winzer eG (Palatinate)
  • Riesling Burgweg Trockenbeerenauslese 2018, Weingut Neiss GbR (Palatinate)
  • Grauer Burgunder Beerenauslese 2017, Weingut Ökonomierat Petgen-Dahm (Mosel)

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Bei der Winteredition der 24. Berliner Wein Trophy wurden 7.600 Weine aus 34 Ländern bewertet und die besten 30 Prozent prämiert. Auch 371 deutsche Weine errangen eine Medaille.

At the winter tasting of the 24th Berlin Wine Trophy, 7600 wines from 34 countries were appraised and the top 30% awarded. 371 German wines won a medal.