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"Brits have rediscovered the joy of quality German wine"


The current popularity of German wine is picking up where British drinkers left off a century ago, says Melanie McDonagh from The Spectator LIFE. According to the online magazine the popularity of good German wine continues to rise in Great Britain.

Refering to the 1920s McDonagh states: "(...) German wine was rather more expensive than others (at the time) and today's selection looks oddly contemporary: there's gewürztraminer, kabinetts and spätlese."

UK wine trade regards German wine as a bargain

"The change in  perception has been happening for more than a decade", the author comments on the current popularity upswing in favor of German wines. McDonagh continues to explain that German wine is generally regarded by the wine trade as a bargain and backs up her thesis: "Wine writers drink German gewürztraminer by choice. It's received wisdom that a good German pinot noir gives the best French burgundies a run for their money but it's German whites that rock my boat."

"You can get a crisp, dry gewürztraminer for a tenner from Berry Brothers; for rather less from Waitrose and Tesco", Melanie McDonagh recommends.

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