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China: WINE100 unveils TOP50 German wine list


On May 21, 2017, "TOP50 German Wine Awards” hosted by German Wine Institute, and “WINE100 Competition” held by China’s most influential wine appraisal institution WINE100 were successfully completed.

At this year's WINE100 competition 'Wines of Germany' outperformed their competitors:

From 164 'Wines of Germany' that were lined up for the "WINE100 Competition" and the 'TOP50 German Wine Awards' selection through The German Wine Institute (i.e. Wines of Germany CHINA), up to 128 'Wines of Germany' finally won golden, silver and bronze medals at WINE100. Out of these winners, 54 were scored higher than 92 (including 92) and finally shortlisted at "2017 TOP50 German Wine Awards".

This year's WINE100 Competition gathered a total of 850 wines from all over the world, and produced 10% of golden medal, 23% of silver medal and 28% of bronze medal at the end. Among the 164 wines of Germany, 27 won gold, 43 won silver and 58 won bronze medals, which accounted for as high as 16%, 26% and 35% of the total number of prizes, recording good scores far beyond the average and fully revealed the outstanding quality of German wines.

Additionally 19 wines won the black-gold medal in addition to the golden medal, e.g.

  • Oestrich Lenchen Riesling GG 2013 from August Eser from the Rheingau region in the category "Best German dry white" and
  • "White wine from Germany of the year”, Steinberger Riesling Spätlese Crescentia 2015 from Kloster Eberbach (Rheingau), with “black-gold prize for sweet white wine of Germany”; and
  • Henkenberg Spätburgunder GG 2010 from Salwey (Baden), which won the “black-gold prize for red wine of Germany”.

In addition to the outstanding qualities, German wines also presented diverse varieties in this joint appraisal. The 54 wines shortlisted at "Wines of Germany TOP50 2017" selection, included

  • one Merlot wine,
  • six Spätburgunder/Pinot Noir wines,
  • ten Silvaner, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Huxelrebe and Rieslaner wines,
  • 14 dry and semi-dry Riesling wines, and
  • 23 semi-sweet and sweet Riesling wines.

These wines with diverse varieties and styles provide a wide selection for Chinese consumers. Nearly 70% of prize-winning wines have a price lower than RMB500. These best-value-for-money wines are also popular as daily drinking wines.

Notes to the editors: Chinese and foreign wine experts were invited to judge and select winning wines through blind tasting and scoring. They are respectively Andrew Caillard MW, Fonyee Walker MW, Frankie Zhao (WSET Diploma Holder), Cameron Douglas MS, Tersina Shieh (International Wine Judge), Liz Thach MW, Yang Liang (WSET Diploma Holder), Ian Dai (WSET Diploma Holder), Emilie Steckenborn (WSET Diploma Holder), Shelly Lee(Director of Revive Wine Education), Desheng Zhao (Winemaker of Domaine Franco-Chinois and Jianan Wine), Yangang Li (WSET Diploma Holder)、Yang Guo (National Wine Judge), Marcus Ford (General Manager of PUDAO WINES), James Teng (Certificated Sommelier), Sam Chen(Champion of various Blind Wine Tasting Competitions), Yanlin Liu(Professor of Wine Academy of Northwest A&F University), Edward Ragg (Founder of Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting), Lili Tong (WSET Diploma Holder).

The 'Wines of Germany CHINA'-office is going to publish the best wines in form of a Buyer’s Guide called "2017 China TOP50 German Wines". In addition, these will be presented at roadshow events in

  • Xiamen (June 30, 2017),
  • Hangzhou (August 23, 2017) and
  • Qingdao (September 1, 2017)

Meet insiders and consumers at various itinerant exhibitions, master classes and tasting events.

The German Wine Institute extends its heartfelt thanks for the support from all of the judges, as well as the efforts made by German wine importers for promoting German wines in China's market!

See the winning German Wine list of “2017 TOP50 German Wine Awards” and “WINE100 Competition-German Wines” in this pdf.