Clink Different: Retail and gastronomy in focus


What to expect from the continuation of the 'Clink Different' campaign, the US wine world found out in latest press events like "Variety in Varietals" and "Bubbly & Bites". The Clink Different Academy started on June 30th. A national dealer promotion will start in August.


The moderator duo Wendy Narby, Bordeaux wine pedagogue, travel guide and author, and Steffen Schindler, Head of Marketing (DWI), led the first event of a new 8-part online seminar series.

Further topics: "By the Numbers - What you need to know about Bordeaux and German Wines today" from Johannes Selbach, exporter professional and owner of the Selbach-Oster winery, and from Georges Haushalter, former chairman of the Conseil Interprofessionel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB). Knowledge-based entertainment reached an audience of almost 40 important US professionals. The Academy runs until October and an incentive event crowns the particularly frequent and successful participation. You can see here which exciting topics are still available:

Virtual Travels for Trade & Gastronomy

No trace of Zoom-Fatigué. Via the SommGeo platform of the SommFoundation, the participants of the virtual Clink Different retailer and sommelier trips immerse themselves in the wine landscapes of Bordeaux and Germany and are presented with six wines by live producers. These are sent beforehand in a wine trolley for the desired travel experience, so that parallel tasting is possible during the virtual trips. Because only the actual wine experience, the project partners agree, leads to a lasting positive impression of quality and shows the variety of wines. This is ensured not least by the tour guide team with Jay Fletcher MS and Greg van Wagner from SommFoundation, who highlight not only the wine highlights but also tourist attractions and thus complete the wine travel experience. This is confirmed by the 12 experts from Oregon who took part in the first virtual trip through the German wine-growing regions Mosel, Nahe and Baden and the Bordeaux appellations Haut-Médoc, Entre-deux-mers, Pomerol in Bordeaux on July 13th.

The joint project Clink Different will also be presented this summer with moderated tastings at the important retailer conferences Bevcon and SommCon.

Hybrid approach to Retail and Chains

A national dealer promotion will start in August. With the combination of virtual and on-site tastings as well as accompanying digital advertising campaigns, both the wine retailer around the corner and large supermarket chains are integrated into the marketing offensive in order to reach as many end consumers as possible. The measures are supported by a drive-to-store consumer campaign that includes a “Win ​​a Trip for Two” competition. The participation of well-known mega influencers is pushed through social media activities.


Wines of Germany News

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Mit der Kombination aus virtuellen und Vorort-Verkostungen sowie begleitenden, digitalen Anzeigekampagnen werden sowohl der Weinhändler ums Eck, als auch große Supermarktketten in die Marketingoffensive integriert, um möglichst viele Endkonsumeten zu erreichen (Foto: Bonnie Moret).

Was die US-Weinwelt von der Fortsetzung der Clink Different Kampagne erwarten kann, erfuhr sie in zahlreichen positiven Erlebnisberichten der beiden Presseevents mit Themen „Variety in Varietals“ sowie „Bubbly & Bites“ im Mai und Juni.

Am 30. Juni startete die Clink Different Academy. Mit wissensvermitteltem Entertainment wurde ein Publikum von knapp 40 wichtigen US-Fachleuten erreicht. Die Academy läuft bis Oktober und krönt in einer Incentive-Veranstaltung für die besonders häufige und erfolgreiche Teilnahme.