Clink Different - Successful start to the 2021 campaign year


After a one-year break due to the pandemic, consumers and retailers in the USA can now look forward to diverse and creative campaigns about wines from Bordeaux and the German winegrowing regions.

On May 19, 2021, “Clink Different” - the joint EU marketing campaign of the Bordeaux wine association Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) and the German Wine Institute (DWI) - started with the virtual press event “Variety in Varietals” Campaign to launch events for 2021. The concept of the campaign is to present lesser-known grape varieties from both Bordeaux and the 13 German wine regions to trade journalists. The 44 participating American trade journalists received the wines in advance, then expressed their surprise and enthusiasm for the unexpected tasting experiences in a lively online chat.

The host was Cristie Norman, one of the leading sommeliers at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Restaurant in Beverly Hills. She is the President of the United Sommeliers Foundation, certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds a  WSET Level 3, among other qualifications. After a brief introduction, Steffen Schindler, Head of Marketing at DWI, gave a competent and entertaining guide through the event.

"Bubbly & Bites" event for lifestyle journalists

A second virtual press event on the subject of "Bubbly & Bites" for lifestyle journalists is planned for June 24, 2021. In this - as well as in all other planned activities - the participants are given the opportunity to taste the wines. The project partners agree that this is the only way to convince the American audience of the quality and variety of their own wines.

Online seminar series for professionals

Starting in June, the Clink Different Academy, an online seminar series for professionals that illuminates a wide range of different topics, will be running: Laura Williams MS, supported by Jesse Becker MS and Fernando Bettetas MS, will present regions and winemakers with a view to the challenges of climate change they face. Biodiversity and sustainability, as well as the goals of the new generation of winemakers and the latest trend for rosé, all play a role here. Continuous and successful participation in the series of seminars is recognised with awards and a VIP tasting of Bordeaux and German wines.

Training platform for retail and gastronomy

Retailers and restaurants are addressed via the new virtual seminar concept "Somm 360", which was developed last year by experts in the wine industry as a playful training platform. For 12 days, different wines from Bordeaux and Germany will be the "topic of the day". A lot of interesting information about the various wines is conveyed in an easily understandable way, and the newly acquired knowledge can then be tested in quiz questions. Active participation with tasting is also possible by sending wine kits to participants.

In the second half of the year, there will also be trade promotions and ten virtual trips for retailers and restauranteurs in the various US target markets.

More information about this partnership and the events can be found on the "Clink Different“ Website .

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Press conference of the official launch of the campaign in May 2019 in New York City. L to R: Monika Reule, Managing Director DWI, Allan Sichel, President CIVB