DWI Theme Weeks: Sparkling on all Channels


For the next two weeks, under the hashtag #perlenimglas, all social media channels of the German Wine Institute will be revolving around sparkling wines. Even if big celebrations can’t take place in person these days, don’t let the joy for drinking sparkles go and at least on Mother's Day, say THANK YOU with a glass of good sparkling wine– even if it’s only a virtual toast.

After all, the German sparkling wine scene has developed dynamically in the past few years and the range of styles on offer have improved significantly. Germany is also the world champion in sparkling wine consumption with an annual per capita consumption of 3.3 liters – that means, that every sixth bottle of sparkling wine opened worldwide is drunk in Germany!

Hashtag for Campaign: #perlenimglas

Friends of sparkling wines will find suggestions and information every day for the next two weeks under the hashtag #perlenimglas on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the German Wine Institute, Generation Riesling and the German Wine Queen.

There are expert tips on the many ways to enjoy a glass of sekt, video clips, information, facts and much more. They not only give exciting insights behind the scenes of sparkling wine production, but you will learn, also from the producers themselves, how sparkling wine, Winzersekt and pearl wine differ from one another and what is hidden behind terms such as Pet-Nat and Crémant.

It doesn't always have to be Wine paired with Food

Mouthwatering recipes for savoring with sparkling wine are presented during the theme weeks, and you will discover that sparkling wine can sometimes be a better choice for dining than a still wine.

Of course, you can also put your sparkling wine knowledge to the test in challenging quizzes with a chance to win one of the Winzersekt packages on offer.

As always, you are invited to contribute to the topic: Perhaps you have already found out which Sekt is particularly good with an asparagus dish? We are looking forward to your contributions!

Winzersekt - Add some sparkle to your life!

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