Election of the 73rd German Wine Queen to be streamed


The preliminary decision on the election of the 73rd German Wine Queen will be streamed on Saturday, September 18, 2021, from 6.45 a.m. PST on the web. This service can be accessed worldwide via the homepage of the German Wine Institute (DWI) , the German Wine Ambassador's portal as well as


All relevant dates related to the election

September 18th LIVE Stream starting 06.45 a.m. PST
September 19th TV-Broadcast (SWR) starting 05.25 a.m. PST

September 24th LIVE-Stream starting ab 10.30 a.m. PST (pre-program)
September 25th TV-Broadcast (SWR) LIVE TV SHOW starting 11.15 a.m. PST

Before this year's election of the German Wine Queen, all applicants met in August for a preparatory seminar organized by the German Wine Institute (DWI) in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse.

In 2021 the eleven applicants come from eleven of the 13 growing regions. The candidates from Franconia and Saxony do not take part in the election due to an extended term of office or for personal reasons.

Media and communications training

A central component of the three-day workshop is a media and communication training in which the young professionals receive valuable hints for a TV and stage appearance. This year, too, the preliminary decision can be followed live on the Internet on September 18th and the final can be watched live on SWR television on September 24th (follow live stream that day via as well as ).

English questions important part of preliminary decision

The workshop also includes style advice and a photo shoot. A crash course "English for Winequeens" prepares the candidates for the English questions that are an important part of the subject-related preliminary decision every year.

SWR staff used the opportunity of the preparatory seminar to provide information about the broadcasting concept for the election events. In addition, the incumbent German Wine Queen Eva Lanzerath gave helpful suggestions for the upcoming election. SWR presenter Holger Wienpahl, who will be hosting the election events again this year, is also looking forward to getting to know the candidates personally in advance.

The candidates for the election of the 73rd German Wine Queen at a glance:

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  • Linda Trarbach, Ahr
  • Sina Erdrich, Baden
  • Heike Knapp, Hessische Bergstraße
  • Marie Dillenburger, Mittelrhein
  • Marie Jostock, Mosel
  • Laura Tullius, Nahe
  • Saskia Teucke, Pfalz
  • Valerie Gorgus, Rheingau
  • Andrea Böhm, Rheinhessen
  • Annemarie Triebe, Saale-Unstrut
  • Henrike Heinicke, Württemberg

More information about the German Wine Ambassadors:

From left to right, upper row: 1st row: Valerie Gorgus, Rheingau; Heike Knapp, Hessische Bergstraße; Andrea Böhm, Rheinhessen; Annemarie Triebe, Saale-Unstrut; 2nd row: Henrike Heinicke, Württemberg; Saskia Teucke, Pfalz; Marie Jostock, Mosel; 3rd row: Sina Erdrich, Baden; Laura Tullius, Nahe; 4th row Reihe: Marie Dillenburger, Mittelrhein; Linda Trarbach, Ahr

From upper left to lower right: •Linda Trarbach, Ahr; Heike Knapp, Hessische Bergstraße; Marie Dillenburger, Mittelrhein; Valerie Gorgus, Rheingau •Eva Lanzerath, amtierende Deutsche Weinkönigin; Sina Erdrich, Baden; Saskia Teucke, Pfalz; Annemarie Triebe, Saale-Unstrut •Henrike Heinicke, Württemberg; Andrea Böhm, Rheinhessen; Laura Tullius, Nahe •Marie Jostock, Mosel