Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr is the 72nd German Wine Queen!


The new German Wine Queen for 2020/2021 is Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr. Completing the trio of German wine majesties is Anna-Maria Löffler from the Pfalz and Eva Müller from Rheinhessen who have both been elected as German wine princesses.

At the end of an exciting election evening, the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule, announced the choice of the over 70-strong jury of experts in the Saalbau in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse at 10.30 p.m. To the applause of the jury and the 30 spectators in the hall (numbers were limited due to Covid restrictions), the newly elected wine majesties crowned themselves – another adjustment that had to be made because of the distancing rules. Despite the outgoing wine majesties not being able to crown their successors this year, it was still a highly emotional moment for everyone.

"We will have a really great year and together we will carry our passion for German wines into the world", said a joyous Eva Lanzerath immediately after her election. After eight years, the 22-year-old prospective primary school teacher brought the highest German wine crown back to the Ahr.

As the 72nd German Wine Queen, Eva Lanzerath will be on the road for a year on behalf of the DWI. She would normally attend around 200 appointments at home and abroad as an ambassador for German wine. "In this exceptional year, we again have a very talented German Wine Queen and two extremely competent German Wine Princess, whom we wish as many opportunities as possible for them to present their great expertise", explained Monika Reule.

Exciting and entertaining event
The seven candidates had already demonstrated their specialist knowledge brilliantly in the wine expertise contest a week earlier. For the final election last night, they demonstrated their wine sensory, rhetorical and communication skills in several games and guessing rounds. Under the proven moderation of Holger Wienpahl, they mastered a blind wine tasting, spoke original greetings and had to work in teams to identify different professions such as that of a wineglass maker, an illustrator of flavours or an archeologist of grape varieties.

Cabaret artist Lars Reichow and the four women of the a cappella pop band “Die Medlz” provided a "toast to the queen" for the fun interludes.

At 10:10 p.m. the tension rose for the first time when the jury selected Eva Lanzerath, Anna-Maria Löffler and Eva Müller as the future majesty trio from the seven applicants.

The final run

Which of them would become the German Wine Queen was decided with the last two tasks. The aim was to win over the jurors, firstly in another round of guessing and then with a very personal speech on the subject of "Where will I be in ten years". Eva Lanzerath convinced everyone with a rousing speech after she had impressed the expert jury with her naturalness, esprit and competence.

Congratulations and a moving farewell

The three previous wine majesties Angelina Vogt, Carolin Hillenbrand and Julia Böcklen gave their successors many good wishes for the coming term of office. Before the start of the event, they reviewed the year in a moving and entertaining musical show and gave thanks for the great support they received from many sides during their extraordinary year in office.

The broadcast of the German Wine Queen election can be seen at although it is only available in German.

For more information about the German Wine Ambassodors, visit their homepage

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The new Wine Majesties: Middle: Eva Lanzerath - 72nd German Wine Queen; left: Anna-Maria Löffler (Pfalz) - German Wine Princess; right: Eva Müller (Rheinhessen) - German Wine Princess

The new German Wine Queen - Eva Lanzerath (center) from the Ahr. As German wine princesses, Anna-Maria Löffler from the Pfalz (right) and Eva Müller from Rheinhessen (left) complete the trio of German wine majesties 2020/2021.