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Forbes sees "buzz" for Wines of Germany


In it's latest online-issue Forbes business magazine comments on "Positive Marketing from Wines of Germany". Contributor to the article is wine and media expert Thomas Pellechia who see's a "buzz" landslide in favor of German wines.

This is due to the assumption that word-of-mouth (WOM) experiences for important multipliers like sommeliers, members of the trade and winelovers alike - pave the way to effective (digital) communications work that results in demand and sales.

Pellechia cites from a respective 'Wines of Germany'-thesis, confirming an awareness upswing for the old Riesling Nation with its' new 'Generation Riesling' image. The new "hyperbole" eases the way for Germany's other grape varieties e.g. Pinots (Blanc, Gris, Noir) called "Weiss"-, "Grau"- und "Spaetburgunder".

The Forbes author suggests that many of the current conceptual sales impulses caught the British and US-consumers eye in a very positive way. He continues to enumerate the German Wine Institute's (DWI, Wines of Germany) unresting effort to create  informative and entertaining encounters for winelovers in real life situations alike. The clou: They need to have a word-of-mouth (+eWOM) potential like press- and trade-trips, 'Generation Riesling' and 'Wine Queen's' activities, wine presentations and -seminars.

Read the whole article and find out about the implications in social media and digital communications for Wines of Germany as well.

Forbes: "vinuous Germans once made up the most powerful wine lobby in Britain".

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