Forum Generation Riesling: Discussing Fresh Ideas for 2020


The eleventh "Forum Generation Riesling" (GR) took place on the 14th of November in the "Viniversum" in the wine growing region of 'Hessische Bergstraße' near Frankfurt. Seventy young leaders from the wine industry met in Heppenheim to exchange marketing ideas, learn from reknowned speakers and gain expertise.

The best quotes from this year's speakers:

"When it comes to Social Media nothing can beat Instagram at the moment." and "All Generation Riesling members have the potential to be incredible vending machines," says Daniel Rade from "Kreativagentur bonoer"

"Wines from a winemaker that I know taste a tick better than others...", says. Sedat Aktas (Geile Weine)

"We need a feeling" and "Must weight is of no interest any more", says Andreas Kunze, RPR1 radio moderator (Hör mal Wein) /  (s.a. Herkunft)

After a thorough review and feedback on the GR-activities of the year 2019, the keynote speeches met great interest (more: program pdf).

  • Export market Finland
  • Dealing with the media
  • Wine law as well
  • Social media

In the afternoon, the young winemaker's activities were presented by players of the "Hessische Bergstraße" region (near Frankfurt). Then there was an opportunity to exchange individual views and findings.

TeilnehmerInnen brachten ihre "Lieblinge" mit

With the outlook for the planned actions for the coming year 2020, the program of this annual event ended. The following dinner was followed by a tasting under the motto "LIEBLINGE" ("DARLINGS") which referred to the respective favorite wines of the forum's participants.

On the following day the Bergsträßer winemakers had an excursion for the forum participants in the offer.

SaveTheDate: The next 'Forum Generation Riesling' will take place in November 2020 in the wine growing region of Württemberg.

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