Generation Riesling: Wine producers and sommeliers 'buddy up'


The new exchange program "Generation Riesling Buddy" offers Dutch sommeliers direct contact with Germany's up-and-coming young winemakers under 35 years of age. The exchange program is based on an initiative of the German Wine Institute (DWI) and the Dutch Guild of Sommeliers (NGS).

The aim is to give young active members of both associations an insight into the work of the other. First, the sommeliers immerse themselves in the everyday life of Generation Riesling winemakers and work intensively by their side for several days. The sommeliers then help their winemaker buddies to market their wines in the Netherlands.


Roll-out into international markets

The idea was enthusiastically received: shortly after the initiative started, 13 Dutch sommeliers and 64 members of Generation Riesling quickly registered. With the help of a “This or That” list, several suitable winemakers were assigned to each sommelier. In a subsequent personal conversation, both sides clarified with each other which individual interests, expectations and wishes they had.

The first exchange started in mid-May and further meetings will take place monthly. Most of the sommeliers will also come to Germany to experience harvest in the wineries from September onwards. Following that, the winemakers will then be guests in the Netherlands as their sommelier buddies organize wine tastings and help them find importers.

The Generation Riesling Buddy program is to be continued in 2022 and extended to other countries.

About Generation Riesling

The German Wine Institute (DWI) offers a lively, national and international platform to the young wine scene in Germany through Generation Riesling. The movement for winemakers under 35 years of age, established in 2006, is named after Riesling, which has shaped the modern image of German wines around the world. For 15 years now, young winemakers in Generation Riesling have been campaigning to promote the success of German wines and its most representative grape varieties. With currently over 500 young leaders from the wine industry, it is now the largest young winemaker organization in the world. The excellently trained generation of young wine producers is a figurehead of innovative, dynamic viticulture in Germany. Passionate and eager to experiment, Generation Riesling inspires the wine world with distinctive, artisanal wines.


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