German wine academy submits bid for UNESCO World Heritage status


The German Wine Academy (DWA) submitted a bid for Germany's wine culture to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The DWA submitted the bid "in lieu of all people ... who maintain and look after Germany's viniculture."

"Of course we hope very much that the state of Rhineland-Palatinate submits the proposal to the expert committee of the German UNESCO Commission and we are very pleased that the minister of wine of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Dr. Volker Wissing, who has already signaled his support, "explains the managing director of DWA, Monika Reule.

The government of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate said in a statement:

"The bid underlines the importance of viniculture for our country," explains Volker Wissing, the state minister of Rhineland-Palatinate responsible for wine culture.

Belgium's beer culture and Turkey's coffee culture are already on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Earlier this year, the hills in north-east Italy, where sparkling Prosecco wine is produced, were added. Veneto, the region including Venice, comprises the Prosecco region.

Germany's most widely-known grapes include the Riesling and Burgunder varieties.

Riesling is the premier grape variety in the Rheingau and Mosel region as well as in Rheinhessen, Mittelrhein, Hessische Bergstrasse and the Nahe and Palatinate regions.

The Burgunder family is widely planted in Baden, particularly the red-wine grape Spaetburgunder. In general, red grape varieties and especially Spaetburgunder are also very imporant in Wuerttemberg.

notes to the editors:

The DWA works among other things. the scientific aspects of wine and society, including wine culture in Germany in all its facets. Already last year, all associations and organizations dealing with different aspects of wine culture informed themselves about the project nationwide. The aim of the application is to raise awareness of the wine culture and to acknowledge the achievements of all those people who actively shape, nurture and develop them in this country.

In May 2019, the DWA then started an online petition together with the German Wine Institute (DWI) and called on all carriers of wine culture in Germany to support the application. In the end, more than 4,100 supporters from all relevant circles of the wineries could be won. In addition, all umbrella organizations of wine producers, wine cooperatives and wineries, all regional wine associations, as well as other organizations of the wine culture have signed the application.

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