German wines maintain their position in a declining overall market


Consumers bought slightly fewer imported wines in Germany last year. As announced by the German Wine Institute (DWI), based on a commissioned GfK wine market analysis, sales of wines from German wine-growing regions remained stable in 2019 compared to the previous year. This contrasts with overall wine sales that declined by 0.9%. The value of all wines purchased in Germany also fell slightly by 0.6%.

German wines maintain their domestic market share of 45 %

In line with this sales development, German wines were able to maintain their market share of 45 % of total wine purchases. Of the international suppliers, the wines from Italy were in greatest demand with a market share of 16 %, followed by those from France with 12 % and Spain with 9%.

Food retail (LEH) has maintained its strong market position for wine sales in Germany, with 79 % of all wines bought there last year. The discount markets have remained stable with a 50 % market share. In 2019, 4% of the wines were sold via online retail.

Great wine supply - prices remain largely stable

When shopping for wine in retail stores, consumers spent an average of 3.12 €/l last year, 3 cents more than in the previous year. Wines from German regions were sold on average at a price of 3.31 €/l. This corresponds to a decrease of 8 cents /l compared to the previous year’s price, which is due to the greater wine supply after the abundant 2018 vintage. By contrast, the average price for purchasing wine directly from the producer and in specialist wine retailers rose by 9 cents to 6.89 €/l.

Germans' preferences for white, red and rosé wines have not changed in 2019 compared to the previous year. 46 % of the wines purchased were white, 44 % red and 10 % rosé-colored.

More young consumers chose wines from German regions

An analysis of the wine buyers in food retail according to age groups, showed that domestic wines were in greater demand among those under 30 years of age. As a result, 8% more young consumers chose wines from German regions last year than in 2018. "This is very positive, especially in view of the demographic development in Germany," explained Monika Reule.

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