German.Local.Culture continues to bring wine regions into focus


The international marketing campaign German.Local.Culture initiated by the German National Tourist Board (GNTB/DZT) gets carried on in 2022. It was developed last year in partnership with The German Wine Institute (DWI). Germany’s winegrowing regions are increasingly brought into focus as particularly attractive and enjoyable holiday destinations.

International travellers become curious about local, authentic life in Germany and gain insights into lively traditions from handicrafts to regionally typical wines and dishes. (GNTB Microsite)

Wine enjoyment and hospitality

Wine tourism in Germany's winegrowing regions is becoming increasingly attractive not only for domestic tourists, but also as a travel destination among international guests. There are good reasons for this: In the 13 wine regions there are unique wine tourism offers where charming hospitality, culture, landscapes and enjoyment go hand in hand. Wine routes lead to the most beautiful places in the region. Modern leisure activities and active holidays are not neglected either, because the wine regions can be explored particularly well whilst hiking or cycling. It is no coincidence that wine culture in Germany was recently included in the nationwide register of intangible cultural heritage under UNESCO. After all, Germany can look back on a very long winemaking tradition and, with a good 103,000 hectares of cultivation area and an average wine harvest of around 8.7 million hectolitres, it is one of the ten largest wine producers in the world. (more Statistics)

DWI managing director Monika Reule is pleased to be able to address new target groups through the DZT cooperation. "We see great synergy potential in the German.Local.Culture campaign to motivate even more international guests to visit our 13 winegrowing regions," said Reule. "We are happy to see this successful campaign unfold its effects in 2022."

The other cooperation partners of the GNTB campaign include the Bremer Touristik-Zentrale, Romantischer Rhein Tourismus, the Sachsen-Anhalt investment and marketing company and Stuttgart Marketing.

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Der erste „EuroVelo Cycle Tourism Award“ wurde in diesem Jahr an den Rheinradweg EuroVelo 15 verliehen. Die Route führt durch mehrere Weinbaugebiete in Baden-Württemberg und Rheinland-Pfalz. Foto: Dominik Ketz

The 'EuroVelo Cycle Tourism Award' this year was awarded to the EuroVelo 15 Rheinradweg (Rhine Cycle Route). The Route passes through many winegrowing regions in Baden-Würtemberg and Rheinland Pfalz. Photo: Dominik Ketz