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Germans Drinking More White Wine


White wines continue to be popular with German consumers. 45 percent of all wine sold domestically in Germany last year was white, a two percentage point rise over the year prior. The German Wine Institute (DWI) announced this finding ahead of the international ProWein trade fair, drawing on the annual wine market analysis it commissions from GfK.

Red wine sales have been trending downward since 2008. Its market share has slipped in the past nine years from 53 to its current level of 46 percent.

DWI Managing Director Monika Reule traces the trend back to a larger interest among the German population in healthier nutritional choices. "White wines tend to be lighter than reds. They also pair perfectly with low-calorie fare. This is especially true for German whites, whose long ripening period allows them to achieve a profile unattainable almost anywhere else. Despite their moderate alcohol levels, these are wines that deliver a range of full, deep flavors, as well as a rewarding interplay of fresh acidity and characteristic aromas.

Rosé wine sales also fell in 2017. Like red wines, they dropped by one percentage point compared with 2016, to nine percent of the overall market.

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