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Germany´s 68th Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel


The new German Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel wine region. Two new wine princesses complete the trio of German wine majesties: Mara Walz from Wuerttemberg and Christina Schneider from Franken.

Radiant and amidst deafening cheers, Lena Endesfelder from Mehring received the crown along with countless congratulations (Video). Having already shown herself to be convincing and competent in the semi-finals, the 23-year-old winegrower was charming and quick-witted in the extremely exciting final. She convinced the jury and won the sympathies of the ca. 1,300 strong audience in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. In the coming year, the new wine queen will act on behalf of the German Wine Institute (DWI) as ambassador for her country´s wines at over 200 engagements in Germany and abroad.

“I am simply thrilled”, rejoiced the newly-crowned wine queen directly after the contest. “I am enjoying the moment and looking forward to an exciting and eventful year in the service of the German wine industry,” said Lena, who has already successfully completed her bachelor studies in viticulture and oenology at Geisenheim University and is now running the family estate in Mehring together with her mother and sister.

With her excellent wine sensory, rhetorical and communicative skills, the candidate from the Mosel prevailed against five other contestants in several rounds of tasks - all in front of running cameras. In a blind tasting, for example, they had to identify grape variety and region of a covered wine. In the quiz round, “Who am I?”, the aim was to find out through skilful questioning the wine-related profession of a guest and in a version of the TV game show “Child´s Play”, to guess wine-related terms which were described by young children. Lena Endesfelder remained cool throughout, gaining points for her confident manner and competence. She also excelled in her one-minute speech on the subject of “Wine marketing in China – Four Helpers for the DWI”, in which she had to spontaneously integrate four prominent figures, Sepp Blatter, Pope Benedict, David Cameron and Stefan Raab. With sparkle and wit she solved her final task - to compose a letter to herself and present it to the audience.

After an interval of seven years, the highest German wine crown returns to the Mosel and Lena Endesfelder can look forward to a roaring reception in her hometown of Mehring.

Mara Walz from Wuerttemberg is also happily looking forward to her upcoming year in office as German wine princess. The 25-year-old has already completed her joint studies in viticulture and oenology in Neustadt and will now redirect her attention from her parental estate to work above all “on the modern image of Wine Country Germany”.

Christina Schneider from Franken was also overjoyed at her coronation. “I can still not believe what is happening here”, the 22-year-old said. Following a bachelor´s degree in psychology, she is now studying for her master´s qualification in psychology at the Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet in Wuerzburg. She will no doubt be happy to put this aside for one year to serve as princess for the wines from Germany´s 13 wine regions.


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Die 68. Deutsche Weinkönigin heißt Lena Endesfelder

The 68th German Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel wine region

Krönung der drei neuen Weinmajestäten Prinzessin Mara Walz, Deutsche Weinkönigin Lena Endesfelder und Weinprinzessin Christina Schneider

Coronation of the three new wine majesties princess Mara Walz, German Wine Queen Lena Endesfelder and princess Christina Schneider.

Wahl der deutschen Weinkönigin, Finale, 30.09.2016, Rheingoldhalle Mainz