Germany's Rosé Wines Trade Up


"Drink Pink!" would have been the motto at the German Wine Institute's (GWI) ProWein stand in 2020. Despite the fact that the next international wine fair in Düsseldorf has been postponed to March 21st to 23rd 2021, the spotlight will still shine on Germany's still and sparkling rosé wines all throughout 2020.

A selection of 20 rosés were culled by an international jury from roughly 200 submitted samples.

Increasingly positioned in the premium segment

From the viewpoint of GWI Managing Director Monika Reule, the ProWein would have been an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of the German and international trade audience to rosés from Germany's wine regions: "The style and image of rosé wine has changed significantly in recent years. The current generation of our rosés are defined by a beautiful balance of fruit and character. They are also increasingly positioned in the premium segment.

Beyond this, they've shed their feminine image and are no longer simply perceived as pure summer wines. They are instead being enjoyed throughout the year across all consumer demographics. We're also seeing enduring strength in the demand for still and sparkling rosé wine at the international level. Market researchers see a rosy future for the segment globally," Reule explains.

Top 20 Selection of Rosé Wine Producers in Germany (find pdf below)

  • Dr. Heger, Baden region, 2019Rosé "Fumé"dry
  • Franz Keller, Baden region, 2018, Rosé Saignée dry
  • Divino Nordheim-Thüngersheim, Franken region, 2018 Pinot NoirRosé GG dry
  • Margarethenhof Weber, Mosel region, 2018 Lambertus Spätburgunder
  • Johanninger, Nahe region, 2017, Spätburgunder & Frühburgunder Rosé, Kreuznacher Junker dry
  • Darting, Pfalz region, 2019, Spätburgunder Rosé, dry
  • Karl Pfaffmann, Pfalz region, 2019, Merlot, Rosédry
  • Schenk-Siebert, Pfalz region, 2018, Grünstadter Spätburgunder Rosé -Fumé, dry
  • Meine Freiheit, Rheingau region, 2018, Spätburgunder Rosé Pride Edition, off-dry
  • Braunewell / Dinter, Rheinhessen region, 2018 Rosé, dry
  • Dackermann, Rheinhessen region, 2018, Pinot Noir Rosé, dry
  • Alexander Flick, Rheinhessen region, 2019, Rosé Flickwerk, dry
  • Georg Gustav Huff, Rheinhessen region, 2019, Rosé, dry
  • David Spies, Rheinhessen, 2019 Merlot Rosé, off-dry

Rosé-Sparkling Wines

  • Schloss Sommerhausen, Franken region, 2015, Le Grand Rosé, extra brut, Deutscher Sekt
  • Eymann, Pfalz region, Pinot Noir, Rosé brut Sekt b.A.
  • Ernst Weisbrodt, Pfalz region, 2017, Pinot Rosé, Brut, Sekt b.A.
  • Wilhelmshof, Pfalz region, 2017, Spätburgunder Rosé brut, Sekt b.A.
  • Barth, Rheingau region, Pinot Rosébrut, Sekt b.A.
  • Bernhard Ellwanger, Württemberg region, 2016, Muskat-Trollinger, Rosé Schorndorfer GrafenbergbrutSekt b.A.

Top 20 Selection of Rosé Wines and Sparkling Wines (PDF)

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