Germany's detailed vintage report 2022: From filigree to strong and colorful


The 2022 vintage is already assured of an award: it thrived in the sunniest summer since records began. Until it reaches the cellars, however, the vines and winegrowers have experienced stressful times.

As in the previous year, the month of September proved to be decisive for the quality of the vintage. This year, after the drought, it brought the long-awaited rain. Until then, the wine-growing regions had not only experienced an enormous amount of sun, the heat was also accompanied by a drastic lack of water, which in some places caused the soil to dry out deeply. This was particularly difficult for young plants. (detailed report, pdf)

September-rain caused small berries to swell

In contrast to the previous year, there were hardly any problems with plant protection, which made the organic winegrowers particularly happy. The September rain caused the small berries to swell, while at the same time dampening the increase in must weights and thus preventing the wines from becoming too alcohol-heavy. The young wines were able to retain their fruitiness and impress with aromas typical of the grape variety. The acidity of the 2022 is less pronounced than last year because it was broken down more quickly in the heat.

The red wines, which are very colour-intensive, light to strong depending on the variety and can probably be stored for a very long time, benefited particularly from the sun. The fresh and fruity white wines appear rather lean, are sometimes even described as "light-footed" and seem to be ready to drink early.

Good harvest, regional differences, total quantity 9 Mio hl

There is enough wine in the cellars if you look at the nationwide harvest. Compared to the previous year, it rose by an estimated six percent to 8,993,500 hectoliters and would therefore be two percent above the long-term average. However, depending on water availability, grape variety levels and soil conditions, there are major differences both within the wine regions and among themselves.

The German Wine Institute (DWI) has found out how the current vintage has developed in the 13 wine-growing regions. (detailed report, pdf-download)

Video: harvesting in Germany

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