Germany’s wine ambassadors started in the best of spirits


The recently elected 70th German Wine Queen Carolin Klöckner along with the Wine Princesses Inga Storck and Klara Zehnder got off to a great start We sensed a brilliant atmosphere from their recent set card-photo shoot, it was full of positive spirit.

Despite high expectations placed upon the Queen and her Princesses  Carolin, Inga and Klara managed to attend the initial reception events in their respective regions with great ease. They took on numerous interviews from nationaland international press directly after their amazing election.

One of their first administrative appointments took them to The German Wine Institute (DWI i.e. Wines of Germany HQ). Heretasks involvingforms and tables were swiftly followed by a photo shoot much to their liking. The colourful background used bythe photographer was perfectly suited to the good-humored wine ambassadors and resulted in likable set cards as well as out-takes for the wine majesties’ facebook and Instagram channels.

The ladies’ new set cards are now printed and can be ordered via Stephanie Vogel (sv(at)

One of their first official missions was to visit the Frankfurt Buchmesse (int. book fair) where they presented wines under the tagline: “Generation Riesling – Young Guys, Great Wines!” Thisstand was part of the so called ‘Gourmet Salon’ where a number of wine tastings weere being moderated for visitors of the book fair.

Furthermore, Wine Queen Caroln Klöckner joined the DWI’s awards show “Best Vintner-Sekt 2018” in order to congratulate the awardees and provide them with well deserved certificates.

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