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Germany's wine estates growing in size


The process of structural change in the 13 German wine-growing areas has continued unabated in recent years. Referring to current data from the 'Statistische Bundesamt', Germany's Federal Statistical Office, Wines of Germany (DWI) states that the number of wine-growing estates declined by 17 per cent to 16.898 over the period 2010 to 2016.

At the same time, total land under vine in Germany remained stable at 100.000 hectares because wine growing areas that had been given up by some winegrowers were taken over by others. This is why the average size of German wine-growing estates rose from 4,8 to 5,9 hectares over the past six years.

The 29 per cent decline mostly concerned estates with less than one hectare under cultivation. The 4.300 small estates existing today still make up a quarter of Germany's total number of wine-growing estates.

Furthermore, a lot of estates that once cultivated vineyards ranging from one to ten hectares in size have given up in recent years. In 2010 around 11.500 of such estates still cultivated 45 per cent of the total land under vine. By contrast, the number fell to 9.500 by 2016, the remaining estates of this size cultivating 37 per cent of total grape acreage.

This is why wine-growing estates with more than ten hectares have become all the more important today. Its number grew by 300 to reach about 3,100 over the same period of time, 890 of these estates owing more than 20 hectares of vineyards. Meanwhile, these larger wine-growing estates work 60 per cent of the total land under vine in Germany.

more data: Statistik-Booklet 2017 (pdf-download)