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Gus Pollard: "German wines are the perfect fit"


Prior to this year’s "get it on" wine tasting november 7th in Hoxton Arches, London E2 8HD, Gus Pollard of ‘The 10 Cases’ in Covent Garden gives insights into the potential for further growth in popularity and appreciation for Wines of Germany in the UK.

Pollard was part of the judging team that came up with the final selection of 50 German wines looking for a home in the UK in next month's promotion event for the wine trade.

The wine expert senses an increasing interest for Wines of Germany in Great Britain, particularly outside of the wine trade. In the latest 'The Buyer'-interview Pollard states: "German wine offers so much value and drinkability from the entry-level onwards, the wines are pure and clear expressions of themselves and they can accommodate so many situations. At the higher end the wines can be simply world class".

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source: interview of Gus Pollard (photo)