Higher profile on the secondary market


In his latest article, The Drinks Business (db) editor Richard Woodard explains how trading trends on Liv-ex have shifted notably in favor of German wines.

According to Woodard’s findings, the number of German wines traded on the global marketplace for the fine wine trade has skyrocketed within one decade.

„Ten years ago, only two German wines were traded on Liv-ex (using the exchange’s LWIN11 classification). Last year we’ve seen 201 individual fine wines“, Woodard states. He continues to explain that „as the fine wine market is expanding and diversifying, top German producers are reaping the reward.“

Demand far outstrips supply

An auctioneer from iDealwine confirms: „(…) demand far outstrips supply. “It seems like all serious wine enthusiasts have their eyes on top-quality German wines, particularly those in Europe and the US“, according to Alix Rodarie.

The secondary market for fine German wines is developing further. Well established growers lead the way, says Richard Woodard from The Drinks Business.

Read the full article to see which established German estates drive this growth
source: The Drinks Business


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Higher profile on the secondary market

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