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Hongkong: Enthusiasm for Rieslings from Germany


"You'll see, Hong Kong is like a small village, although 7.4 million people live here, I was told right after my arrival," says German Winequeen Katrin Lang about her visit to the 'Riesling Weeks' in Hong Kong.


Riesling is highly regarded in Hong Kong

During the Riesling Weeks  in Hong Kong, Germany's Winequeen Katrin Lang imparted valuable knowledge about German wines and tourist destinations in the wine-growing regions. She held numerous wine tastings and seminars for interested students at the Polytechnic University and the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong.

"At first I didn't know how much knowledge I could assume. To my surprise, people from Hong Kong already appreciate German Riesling to a great extent. I was very pleased to see this and built up my seminars on the diversity of Riesling,” explains Katrin Lang.

Perfect match: Asian Cuisine and German Wines

Rieslings from Germany are highly valued here for their fruity aromas and mineral acidity, as they are the perfect pairing to slightly spicy Asian cuisine.

The German Winequeen was able to convince herself of the "perfect match" at her first dinner: Fresh regional fish, with a spicy sauce and a crispy, fruity Riesling harmonized perfectly.

On the occasion of the worldwide Riesling Weeks, numerous restaurants in Hong Kong took part in the campaign and designed special menus that were tailored to German wines and, in particular, German Riesling wines.

The diversity of Riesling

During her stay in Hong Kong, Katrin visited a pop-up store in the city center with a particularly large selection of German wines. "It was very exciting for everyone involved not only to talk about the differences between the wines, but also to taste them," reports the German Winequeen.

Cool climate: This is what makes German wines so special

The "cool climate" gives Germany a unique selling point that makes the wines something very special. Interest in white wines was high, but even greater in German red wines, as they are still little known in Hong Kong: Pinot Noir, the most important German red wine, is still an insider tip here.

"I was totally blown away by Hong Kong!"

"The business trip to Hong Kong was tightly scheduled. However, I still used my free time to see the city. I went on a ferry boat trip through Victoria Harbor and hiked to Victoria Peak. I was totally blown away by Hong Kong and its love for German Rieslings!" said Katrin Lang at the end of her trip.


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"Vielen Dank für das herzliche Willkommen. Ich habe mich in Hongkong sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt", bedankt sich Katrin Lang.

"Zu meiner Überraschung zählen die Hongkonger den deutschen Riesling international bereits zu den hochwertigsten Weinen. Das hat mich natürlich sehr gefreut. Darauf konnte ich die Seminare aufbauen", erklärt Katrin Lang.

Deutsche Weinkönigin Katrin Lang besucht die Riesling Weeks in Hongkong.

Zahlreiche Weinproben und Seminare hielt die Deutsche Weinbotschafterin für interessierte Studierende an der Polytechnic University und dem Vocational Training Council in Hongkong.

Hongkong hat die Deutsche Weinkönigin begeistert. Hier wird Genuss groß geschrieben und der Riesling aus Deutschland genießt einen besonderen Stellenwert.

Deutsche Weinkönigin besucht Hongkong und begeistert für deutsche Weine.