International Organic Wine Award 2020: Results of Spring Tasting


The first of two tastings for the International Organic Wine Award 2020 took place with 28 tasters all over Germany in a "virtual room". Winemakers from 18 countries did not want to forgo the quality competition, even in these difficult times, so submitted 648 wines for the Spring Tasting. German growers of organic wine won 25 Top Gold, 115 Gold and 106 Silver medals, and the jury made a Recommendation for 16 other wines.

With 262 wines entered, Germany was the most strongly represented wine country at the International Organic Wine Award 2020. According to the organizers, among the German organic wines, the whites were again the most prominent at the top with 19 places.

The absolute stand outs with 99 points each, were the traditionally barrel-fermented 2018 FEODORA Sauvignac from Weingut Galler in the Pfalz and the 2018 Riesling Spätlese from the biodynamic Weingut im Zwölberich in the Nahe, which was reductively aged in steel tanks. A German red wine traditionally aged in barrique also attained the highest rating of 99 points: the 2018 Cuvée Resonance "8b sound-inside" made from Merlot, Cabernet Dorsa and Cabernet Cubin,  by the Pfalz winery Weingut Christian Butz.

In the dessert wine category, the 2018 Solaris from the Roth winery in Franken, reductively aged in wooden barrels, achieved Top Gold with 98 points. The best in class in the Rosé category with 95 points was the Spätburgunder Rosé Kabinett 2019 from the Jürgen Walz winery in the Kaiserstuhl, Baden, which was reductively aged in steel tanks.

The two best German sparkling wines of the tasting achieved 90 points and thus a gold medal: the 2017 Crémant Blanc de Noir from the still and sparkling wine manufacturer Stülb on the Mosel - a traditional bottle fermentation of Pinot Noir, reductively fermented in wooden barrels, and the 2019 TRICOLLO Rosé Secco dry from the Hemer winery in Rheinhessen - a semi-sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir and St. Laurent grapes, reductively aged in steel tanks.

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International Organic Wine Award German Wine

At the Spring Tasting of the International Organic Wine Award 2020, 262 of the 648 submitted wines were from German winemakers. 25 German wines achieved the highest award of Top Gold.