Labor Day: it's meant for aromas, flavors and friends


When you think of Labor Day, you think of food, wine, family and friends. You may enjoy a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park, an end of summer BBQ blowout or something else. It’s a weekend meant for camaraderie and fun, i.e. aromas, flavors and friends.

When choosing a wine for your barbecue, you have to bear in mind that the taste of the grilled foodstuffs is often more intense than if they were fried in a pan, owing to the roast aromas and smoke flavors.

Thus even a red wine might sometimes be a suitable partner for a grilled fish or white meat. Velvety Pinot Noir or fruity Saint Laurent spring to mind. They are low in tannins and boast a subtle fruitiness – thus they do not drown out the white meat or fish.

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Labor Day, a weekend meant for aromas, flavors and friends! source: The German Wine Institute / Wines of Germany