Leitz wins prestigious Swedish wine prize "Gyllene Glaset 2020"


The honourable and well recognized Swedish award "Gyllene Glaset 2020" (the golden glass) is annually awarded to profiles within the wine world for their outstanding achievements and recognition on the Swedish wine market. This year the German winemaker Weinut Leitz received the prestigious award.

The award "Gyllene Glaset" is given by the Swedish magazine "Allt om Mat", and is today recognized as one of the greatest Swedish wine prizes. This year the award went to the winery Leitz, that is run by Johannes Leitz. Weingut Leitz speciality is their high-quality Riesling wines, as well as their equally delicious and high-quality alcohol-free wines.

Award for extraordinary people within the wine world

"Allt om Mat" is one of Sweden’s main food and wine magazines and platforms with 1.740.000 unique monthly visitors. They have been awarding extraordinary people within the wine world for over 20 years. The award is usually given at a ceremony, but due to this year’s special circumstances the award was given directly to Weingut Leitz. The jury this year consisted of Gunilla Hultgren-Karell and Andreas Grube.

” It is an honour to receive this award. And a receipt on that our hard work in the vineyard and in the winery is both appreciated and well liked. Vielen dank!” says Johannes Leitz in an interview with Allt om Mat.

The Jurys motivation to the award:

This year's Gyllene Glaset is awarded to Weingut Leitz from Rheingau. For their constantly high level – from the simpler to the more exclusive wines, all with clear origin. And for their investment in non-alcoholic wines that show that it is possible to produce alcohol-free wines of good quality.

Read more about the award here (in Swedish).

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