Let's Celebrate National Drink Wine Day


On Thursday, February 18, 2021, The National Drink Wine Day is being celebrated around the globe. On this occasion, The German Wine Institute provides information about the importance of wine culture and moderate consumption - two inseparably linked approaches.

An essential element of wine culture is moderate enjoyment. Without it and its health significance, wine would not have been able to develop into such a cultural asset.

What is meant by moderate wine consumption?

Moderate wine connoisseurs live longer if they embed the wine in a conscious lifestyle, i.e. refrain from smoking, maintain a normal body weight and maintain a healthy, primarily Mediterranean diet. This is proven by a large number of international scientific studies, which The German Wine Academy (DWA) provides.

What does moderate mean? Only one or two glasses a day. Anything above this harbors health problems in the long run. It goes without saying that this only applies to healthy adults. Any wine consumption should be taboo for children, pregnant women and drivers.

About Wine in Moderation

The comprehensive information on dose, consumption patterns and health effects are the basis of the Wine in Moderation prevention campaign, to which the entire wine industry has committed itself to the EU Commission. With Wine in Moderation, the wine industry and its producers and institutions stand for moderate, responsible consumption. The program is already being implemented in 17 countries; in Germany the DWA is the first touchpoint to get more information about the program. The DWA continiously motivates players to join the Wine in Moderation movement.

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