Lonely Planet recommends bicycle tours in Germany’s wine regions


Germany is famous for its‘ beautiful wine regions, outstanding vinotheks, hiking trails as well as landmarks of wine culture. In october 2020 the high circulation guide book and travel platform Lonely Planet highlights bicycle tours in Germany’s wine regions:

German Wine Route in Palatinate

Among the three recommended tours is the german wine route, which leads all the way through the wine region Palatinate (Pfalz). Here, you can not only experience great wines, but also the beautiful Palatinate Forest and several famous castles from the middle ages. Also worth mentioning is the exceptional climate, which allows growers to cultivate kiwi fruit, figs, almonds and lemons. Bike paths, such as the Radweg Deutsche Weinstraße offer great impressions of the region and promise great cycle-friendliness. Tourist offices additionally provide cycling maps and even rental bikes.

Rhein-Radweg following the Rhine

Another route that Lonely Planet mentions is the Rhein-Radweg. It follows the entire Rhine all the the way from Switzerland to the Netherlands. In Rhineland-Palatinate between Bingen and Koblenz, it passes several wine regions, such as Rheinhessen, Germany´s biggest wine growing region and the Rheingau, famous for its´ Riesling. Further you get impressions the Nahe, with its´ great variety of different soils, the Mittelrhein, Germany´s smallest wine region, and finally the Mosel and its steep slopes. As you make your way along the Rhine, you have the opportunity to switch to the Nahe-Hunsrück-Mosel-Radweg or the Mosel-Radweg, based on your personal preferences.

Several impressive trails around Speyer

Speyer, inbetween Baden and Palatinate, also offers a variety of great bike trails. They vary between a length of 20 miles, like the Kaiser-Konrad-Radweg, which connects Speyer´s Kaiserdom and the Rathaus of Bad Dürkheim in Palatinate, 75 miles, like the Salier-Radweg all the way to Worms in Rheinhessen. Even up to 260 miles is possible, if you choose the Veloroute Rhein, which follows the Rhine from Switzerland to Rheinhessen.

source: Lonely Planet

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The guide book and travel platform Lonely Planet highlights bicycle tours in Germany’s wine regions