Media reach of The German Wine Institute continues to rise


Despite the constant global competition for topics and headlines, The German Wine Institute (DWI) was able to further expand its media reach. The DWI's annual analysis revealed a total reach of 897 million readers in 2019.

The figures from the previous year, which were exceptionally high due to the unusally hot summer and corresponding press attention, were once again exceeded by 2.4%.

Futhermore, in a multi-year comparison, the attention for Germany's leading grape varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir continues to rise worldwide (Google Trends).

The most popular topics on the DWI's homepage included knowledge, tourism and service topics as well as current reports of Germany's wine branch. Many major portals and social media channels refer to DWI content. "This shows a growing public interest in the work and products of Germany's wine producers," says Frank Schulz, Head of Communication.

With storytelling, podcasts and interaction impulses, such as the call to support wine culture as an "intangible cultural heritage" by voting for a respective UNESCO-petition, the DWI homepage offered a lot of new and interesting content.

In 2020, the online voting "Most Beautiful Wine Views 2020" will continue in February. In addition, the DWI is also working on a new app, which will be available in the middle of the year. The proportion of mobile access to the DWI sites continues to rise: It already,lies above 50% of all users.

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Die mediale Reichweite des Deutschen Weininstituts (DWI) wächst weiter.

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