New digital magazine translates "German-speaking”wines


TRINK Magazine is the first English language digital publicationdedicated to the wines of South Tyrol, Austria, Germany, and German Switzerland, four regions linked by far more than language alone.

TRINK trains a close eye on identity through a mix of fresh news angles, unexpected pairings and bottle picks, as well as long-form narrative journalism and essays.

Understanding the intersecting elements

"Less about individual grapes or regions, styles or vineyards, TRINK is about understanding the intersecting elements that shape and define who we are,” says co-founder Paula Redes Sidore, a Germany-based wine writer and certified sommelier. "Wine is a lens through which to view culture, landscapes, and history. Our writers are bringing to life not only the wines, but the people and places that got them there."

Notes to the editors:

Redes Sidore and co-founder Valerie Kathawala together with the design and strategy team at Medienagenten have assembled a portfolio of fresh and acclaimed voices some of whose work appears in English for the first time in TRINK’s pages. "Showcasing new voices is critical to our mission," says New York based writer and editor Kathawala. "From the beginning, our explicit goal has been to bring in a diversity of perspectives, until now largely missing from the narrative about these places and their wines."

Issue 01 will debut with an average of 10 new articles and recurring columns per issue. The subscription-based publication will appear in six week intervals.



Valerie Kathawala & Paula Redes Sidore


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TRINK Mag Founders: Paula Redes Sidore und Valerie Kathawala

TRINK Mag Founders: Paula Redes Sidore und Valerie Kathawala