New interview series: "The German Wine Questionnaire"


This is where the international wine scene gives away private details: The German Wine Institute asks leading lights of the international wine scene seven key questions on German wine. The interview series starts with Jancis Robinson MW, probably the most famous wine journalist in the world. Awarded a Riesling Fellow in 2013, she has been spreading her conviction of German Riesling with great enthusiasm ever since and has thus made a major contribution to its positive image change.

1. Which was the first German wine you ever tasted and when?

This must have been a very long time ago! Probably in the house in  outside Interlaken belonging to a Professor at Freiburg of my acquaintance. After a very noisy three-generation family dinner he would withdraw to the sitting room and get a bottle of his beloved Mosel from his wooden Truhe. It was probably a J J Prüm and it was always an honour to be invited to share the bottle with him. This would have been the early 1970s.

2. What was your most memorable moment with German wine?

Probably when we were filming Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course in Germany in 1994. Sitting with Manfred Prüm (again!) on a terrace sipping a great wine from the 1940s which had to be co-ordinated with a helicopter overhead. (The pre-drone age…)

There was also the wonderful dinner at the British Embassy in Paris in 1995 to celebrate half a century after the Second World War with a dinner of magnificent 1945 wines. The Scharzhofberger 1945 presented by Egon Müller himself (after of the current one) with stories of the neglected state of the vineyards then was truly memorable.

3. What is your favourite place within Germany's wine regions and why?

I hate choosing favourites! Chez KP Keller is a good place to be. You can be sure of good food, good company and great wines from all over the world as well as from the home team.

4. What would be your desert island bottle of German wine and why?

II see that I have nine German wines in our tasting notes database on of 200,000+ to which I gave a perfect score: 20! So how about Steinberger Riesling 1921? Because I’m never likely to encounter it again.

5. Do you have a favourite German dish, and the ideal wine to pair with it?


6. Who would you like to share a glass of German wine with and why?

I’d like to share a glass of one of the many great Spätburgunders now being produced with Lalou Bize-Leroy of Domaine Leroy to show her there is life outside Burgundy!

7. Which German wine would you love to taste because you have not had the chance yet?

The 2020s.


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