Online wine tastings here to stay


Necessity is the mother of invention! This also applies to the increasingly popular online wine tastings. Before the corona pandemic, who would have believed that wine lovers would one day have fun meeting a wine producer for a tasting in front of the computer screen?

The German Wine Institute (DWI) believes that the online wine tastings are here to stay. Numerous businesses see it as a new and exciting opportunity to present their wines to many interested people simultaneously whilst giving news from the cellar and vineyard.

At the same time, wine lovers are grateful for the enjoyable infotainment offer - especially during the Covid lockdowns. Particularly special for the participants, is that they get very personal insights into winemaking and the varied life of the winemakers.

High entertainment value

Thanks to better technology and with increasing experience, the presentations have become highly professional. Co-hosts or film clips provide variety. Sometimes the entertainment value is also increased by cooking food live whilst hosting culinary tastings, or in combination with literary lectures and musical interludes. Numerous businesses or clubs also use it as an opportunity for a virtual, sociable evening with their employees or members.

Wine fairs and wine festivals held online

Due to the Covid restrictions, wine fairs have already moved online, such as the DWI's wine and tourism fair “WeinTour” or the Palatinate (Pfalz) wine fair “Wein am Dom” in April of this year, as well as entire wine festivals which have also been celebrated online. Since March, the DWI has been running a monthly online wine seminar covering all 13 German wine-growing regions. Three typical regional wines are tasted and discussed with the participants (in German language).

In the meantime, there are well over a hundred wine producers in Germany offering online wine tastings on a regular basis, from weekly to monthly. A selection can be found on the DWI homepage.

They usually take place on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram. The chat functions can be used to ask questions that are answered live, increasing the engagement of participants. Often the wine tastings that have been carried out remain available online so that you can continue the tasting at a later point in time if you do not want to taste all the wines in one evening.

Online wine tastings in Germany

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© Weingut Braunewell

© Weingut Braunewell