Prague: Riesling, Pinot & Co. enthuse Czechs


The Germanwine-event "Riesling, Pinot & Co." strengthened good German-Czech relations mid-september in Prague. The table presentation with wines and sparkling wines from the German wine-growing regions brought wine producers and trading partners together. Many friendships were made or deepened.

Highly motivated, also due to the great interest of the Czech guests, 26 German wine producers presented their wines in Prague.

International visitors enjoyed a classy ambience

Although the harvest in Germany was already in full swing, the 26 winegrowers insisted on presenting their wines personally at the "Riesling, Pinot & Co." table presentation. As exhibitors, they were not only rewarded with a qualified specialist audience, but also with an event location steeped in history. After last year's premiere, the German Embassy in Prague once again offered a very nice setting for presenting German wines in the Czech Republic.

Great interest on both sides

At the start of the event, the economic and scientific attachée Anne Glumm presented the current information on the economic, social and political situation in the Czech Republic in a concise manner. The respected Czech winemaker and vine grower Milos Michlovský from the Vinselekt winery supplemented her presentation with a sample of his wines and contributed further data on the wine market. The tasting of his wines from the entry-level to the premium range, combined with some of his own PIWI varieties, met with great interest among the German colleagues.

Afterwards the presentation of the German wines started - in the very own flair that the German Embassy in Prague has to offer. Around 200 trade visitors took a lot of time to taste around 160 wines from the German wine-growing regions and to exchange ideas with the producers. The feedback from the exhibiting winegrowers was correspondingly positive, especially since the good contacts promised promising business.

End with flari and Live Music

In the evening, the embassy invited important business VIPs, who were able to taste and enjoy German wines with live music.

Statements from the exhibitors

„A great platform, good audience with a good mix of press, dealers, sommeliers, importers. Here the DWI serves as a door opener. The introduction to the wine market was good, only the date in the harvest is sub-optimal (Richard Grosche, Weingüter Wegeler, Rheingau und Mosel).

„Very high quality of trade visitors, very knowledgeable, very good organization in a great location. I'll be back" (Markus Volk, Weinland Baden).

„I'm very happy to be there, many interested people in a breathtaking location. The introduction to the market was great“ (Carlo Schmitt, Weingut Schmitt, Mosel).

„We are there for the first time and I am totally amazed by both the number of visitors and their enthusiasm for Riesling. There is huge potential for German wines in this market, and I see good opportunities for us here (Stefan Braunewell, Weingut Braunewell, Rheinhessen).

„I'm thrilled to see how much fun the audience has with the wine and tasting it, especially the great interest in Riesling is great. The mood is good, the audience is warm, in a good mood and very interested and has a lot of prior knowledge (Bärbel Weinert, Weingut Prinz von Hessen, Rheingau).

„Good mix of press, restaurants and retailers, very well organized, beautiful location (Jonas Hirn, Weingut Steintal, Franken).

“The presentation is great, the audience tasted it well, everything was organized perfectly, as a winegrower I just have to stand up and start right away" (Simon Kruse vom Weingut Burggarten, Ahr).

„Very good event, very well organised. Very professional guests who gave me very positive feedback on the wines. I am convinced that I have made lasting contacts. The location is very special, a lot of history, great premises that support a successful event“ (Gerald Hundinger, Weingut am Kaiserbaum, Pfalz).

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Highly motivated, also due to the great interest of the Czech guests, 26 German wine producers presented their wines in Prague. source: Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI) i.e. Wines of Germany