Premiere: Public vote to elect Germany's new Winequeen


The German Wine Institute (DWI) and the SWR Television have jointly agreed on a new, more modern format for the election of the German Winequeen.

The applicants to become 74th German Winequeen (Video):

One of the main innovations in this year's election is that all viewers of the TV show, the live stream or guests on site can vote for themselves who will be the 74th German Wine Queen. You have the choice between the three finalists who are pre-selected by the jury in an initial vote. The final choice will be made via the “meinSWR” dialogue forum.

More transparency for voting decisions

"With the public vote, we want to include the viewers and their opinion in the election in order to create even more transparency for the voting decision. We are pleased that the SWR actively shaped this step with us," explains the managing director of the DWI, Monika Reule.

Another important element in the modernization of the show is the conversion of the stage design in the hall building in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, which is planned in two stages. As early as this year, a large LED wall will be used, which can be actively integrated into the design of game tasks. A new building for the stage is to follow in 2023, with a porch that extends into the audience area. Additionally, the program's logo will also be given a fresher, younger look.

SWR Director: Outstanding role of wine as a cultural asset

“Wine culture plays a prominent role in the south-west of Germany and our reporting on it is correspondingly multifaceted. The election of the German Winequeen has been one of the SWR program highlights for many years. It is therefore important to us to constantly develop and modernize the format. We see the potential here to inspire and win over younger target groups," says Günther Dudek, the responsible SWR department head for 'Country and People'.

Eight candidates stand for election

This year, only eight applicants take part in the election for the German Wine Queen. This is due to the fact that many regional wine queens had been in office for several years due to the corona and some had already run for the election of The German Wine Queen. After the extended term of office, some have other plans, either professionally or privately.

Due to the reduced number of participants, only five instead of the usual six candidates will make it into the final after the preliminary decision this year. As in the past two years, the 70-strong jury will select the finalists digitally. She will be connected via video conference during the preliminary round and will only be there for the final.

The preliminary decision will take place on September 24th in the Saalbau in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. This year it can again be followed live on the Internet from 4 p.m. on and and will also be broadcast on the following Sunday at 2 p.m. on SWR television. The final election gala on September 30 will be broadcast live from 8.15 p.m. both on SWR television and online (stream).

Tickets for the preliminary decision and the final in the Saalbau are available on the website of the city of Neustadt .

Workshop makes candidates fit

The applicants prepared themselves for the election in a three-day DWI workshop in Neustadt. Here they receive valuable tips for a stage appearance in media and communication training. A style consultation and a photo shoot are also part of the program. A crash course "English for Winequeens" prepares the candidates for the English questions, which are an important part of the subject-related preliminary decision every year.

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Eight candidates take part in the election for the 74th German Winequeen. Reason: Some of the 13 regional wine queens had been in office for several years due to corona or had already run for office. Some have other plans - professionally or privately. The (extended) term of office demands a lot of energy and time from the PR specialists.

Eight candidates compete to get elected Germany's official Wine Ambassadors. For the first time in the Winequeen's history the final result will be found by public voting. photo source: Holger Wienpahl SWR

1st row from left to right: Kirsten Urban (Mosel), Katrin Lang (Baden), Stefanie Kippenhan (Hessische Bergstraße): 2nd row from left to right: Sophie Semus (Nahe), Sophia Hanke (Pfalz); 3rd row from left to right: Mariella Cramer (Ahr), Juliane Schäfer (Rheinhessen), Luise Antonie Böhme (Saale-Unstrut)