Riesling’s birthday on March 13 was celebrated worldwide


Germany's most important grape variety, Riesling, celebrated its 585th birthday on March 13, 2020. On this day in 1435, the grape variety was first mentioned in a document. There were campaigns worldwide under the hashtag #rieslingbirthday.


These ranged from influencer events, seminars and evening events to digital media campaigns and can be followed via the 14 information offices of the DWI and their social media channels. Here is a selection:


A 6 bottle Riesling package was raffled for the most original photo with German Riesling, posted on Facebook or Instagram before March 13, 2020. The winner was announced on Riesling's birthday.


The Riesling birthday was celebrated in three wine bars in three different cities in Norway:
In Oslo, Winebar Vin Bjørvika offered a program with special promotions on Riesling from various German regions on March 13th. In Bergen, the Winebar Don Pippo held a seminar in which all 13 wine regions were presented. A sommelier presented the 30 guests with a selected Riesling from each region. In Trondheim, the Britannia Hotel's Vinbar served three different Riesling sparkling wines. Sommeliers provided information about sparkling wine, growing regions and wine producers.


In Finland, the Wines of Germany office launched the competition for the best Riesling cake for Riesling's birthday on its website and on Instagram: the three best entries were awarded and especially celebrated on March 13.


Wines of Germany Poland organized a competition for the most interesting birthday photo via Facebook and Instagram. It was supposed to represent this year's slogan "585 Years Riesling". On March 13, the office celebrated the Riesling birthday with media representatives in Warsaw: In the Zoni Michał Gniadek restaurant there was a special 5-course menu with selected Rieslings and a Riesling cake at the end.

Great Britain

Wines of Germany UK sent Riesling birthday baskets to 15 important lifestyle influencers in the UK, which, in addition to a bottle of Riesling and Riesling cake pops, contained other props that you need for a nice birthday party. There were also Riesling birthday cards with the hashtag #rieslingbirthday, which provided information about the grape variety. In this way, contributions were generated on social media, with the topic of Riesling in the foreground. These posts were aggregated in the channels of Wines of Germany UK (Instagram, Facebook).

United States

Wines of Germany USA created Riesling-specific articles that were published on on March 2, 9 and 13. The magazine Wine Enthusiast also published an article that highlighted the affinity of German Rieslings for global cuisine and informed its subscribers by email. In addition, Wines of Germany USA took over the Wine Enthusiast's Instagram feed on 12-13 March for 24 hours and posted Riesling-specific content there. The Wine Enthusiast website advertised Riesling on March 13th with a Riesling birthday banner.


In addition to a competition for the most beautiful contribution to the #rieslingbirthday in social media (Instagram, Facebook), multipliers and media representatives in Toronto also had an evening event with small delicacies paired with various Rieslings and Riesling Birthday Cupcakes. In addition, with further press and public relations work, the Wines of Germany Canada office ensured that the topic was present in online magazines and even on TV. Video: Lifting a Glass to Riesling’s Birthday With Top Somm Kimberly Pollack


In Russia, the Wines of Germany office offered selected guests (dealers, media representatives, multipliers), etc. a culinary Riesling trip around the world: A menu with eight courses and different Rieslings showed how well the grape variety harmonizes with a wide variety of dishes. Then master confectioner Eberhard Schell presented his Riesling Torte created especially for the occasion.


Wines of Germany Japan continued its influencer campaign around the theme of Riesling's Birthday : Events with Instagrammers from the lifestyle sector and posts for the #rieslingbirthday took place.


On March 13, the Wines of Germany office in Shanghai sent a special gift box to 50 media and influencers with three completely different styles of German Riesling for them to try and share on social networks. View this fun Video here.

More knowledge about Riesling

Almost a quarter of the area under vines in Germany is planted with Riesling grapes. Riesling determines the global image of the 13 German growing regions like no other grape variety. Germany is the home of Riesling, with around 23,800 hectares comprising 45 percent of all world Riesling.

The relationship with wild grapes can be seen with the early spread of Riesling since first documented in the 15th century, the growth, the size of the grape berries, the long ripening period and its frost resistance. Winegrowers in the Rheingau and on the Mosel have the longest Riesling tradition and historical documents dated to the years 1435 and 1465 respectively, have been found there. Indications of cultivation in Rheinhessen and the Pfalz regions date from the late 15th and the first half of the 16th century.

In honor of the great Riesling grape variety, pastry chef Eberhard Schell created a cake recipe: Riesling cream butter and peach, passion fruit and Riesling filling with biscuit on a short pastry base.

Germany's most important grape variety, Riesling, celebrates its birthday on March 13th.

Wines of Germany China designed a key visual for a gift box for the birthday of the Riesling grape.

Almost a quarter of the area under vines in Germany is cultivated with Riesling grapes. It is considered the figurehead of German viticulture, like no other grape variety, Riesling determines the worldwide image of the 13 German growing regions.

The Riesling grape variety is mentioned for the first time in this historical document from 1435.

In honor of the great Riesling grape variety, pastry chef Eberhard Schell created a cake recipe: Riesling cream butter and peach, passion fruit and Riesling filling with biscuit on a short pastry base.