Sina Erdrich from Baden is Germany's 73rd Winequeen


The new German winequeen is called Sina Erdrich and comes from Baden. In an exciting two-hour final, the 24-year-old prevailed against her five competitors. As German wine princesses, Saskia Teucke from the Pfalz region and Linda Trarbach from the Ahr region are at her side.


When the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule, announced the decision of the 70-strong expert jury in the Saalbau in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Sina Erdrich was clearly surprised. Beaming with joy and visibly moved, she and the two newly elected wine princesses accepted the crowns from their predecessors to loud applause from the approximately 400-strong audience. "I'm completely overwhelmed, it was like an emotional rollercoaster ride," said the newly crowned wine queen.

Sina Erdrich will be the 73rd German Wine Queen for a year for domestic wines and their producers on behalf of the German Wine Institute (DWI) on around 200 dates in Germany and on international stages - as far as the infection rate allows. "The six finalists didn't make it easy for the jury," reported Monika Reule. "With the elected trio of majesties, three exceptionally competent and confident specialists will represent the local wines as new ambassadors," said the DWI boss.

High expectations on all sides

After the finalists had already set the professional bar very high in the preliminary round, the final election gala also focused on their rhetorical skills and personality. As a fictional reporter, for example, it was necessary to report live from an event or to prove her spontaneity in three scenes in the "wine improvisation game" with the renowned Bonn improvisation theater Springmaus. The candidates also had great respect for the task of recognizing a wine in a blind tasting within in 30 seconds.

Who will be number one?

The preliminary climax of the electoral gala was reached around 10 p.m., when the jury selected the three candidates for the new majesty trio from the six finalists after the interim vote.

The atmosphere on the stage and in the hall during the last two all-important tasks was correspondingly tense. After answering three difficult questions, the three applicants should finally convince the jury with a short speech on the subject of "My Challenge". In it, they reported very emotionally and personally which situations are among the greatest challenges for them in their life and how they master them.

Sina Erdrich, who had already scored points with her sovereign stage presence in the previous tasks, convinced here with eloquence and naturalness and thus qualified for the office of 73rd German Wine Queen.

Farewell and a new beginning

Holger Wienpahl moderated the election evening, broadcast live on SWR television, in which cabaret artist Bernd Stelter and singer Andy Ost provided entertaining and humorous nuances with a “wine seminar”.

Before she said goodbye, Eva Lanzerath talked to the moderator about her year as the 72nd German Wine Queen, which, due to the pandemic and the flood disaster on the Ahr, had in many ways been completely different from that of her predecessors. Already at the beginning of the election gala, the German Wine Queen, who comes from the Ahr Valley, pointed out the still very serious situation in her home country and continued to call for solidarity with the Ahr. This was also expressed during the election gala: The finalists had been given the task in advance of depicting the letters of the word "SolidAHRity" with their fans. Eva Lanzerath's thanks went to everyone who stood by her and her Weinköniginnen team in this special and difficult year.

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Die scheidende Deutsche Weinkönigin Eva Lanzerath übergibt die Krone an ihre Nachfolgerin Sina Erdrich.

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Eva Müller krönt ihre Nachfolgerin Linda Trarbach zur neuen Deutschen Weinprinzessin.

Sina Erdrich (Baden) ist die 73. Deutsche Weinkönigin. Als Deutsche Weinprinzessinnen stehen ihr Saskia Teucke (Pfalz) (re.) und Linda Trarbach (Ahr) (li.) zur Seite.