Sparkling Theme a Bubbling Success


The theme #perlenimglas is being enjoyed by sparkling wine fans on social media. 18 video clips and posts with sparkling wine producers, experts and the trio of German wine sovereigns amongst others, have already reached over 45,000 followers on Instagram alone. Many producers also took the opportunity to contribute with their own contributions under the hashtag #perlenimglas.

Until next weekend it will continue to bubble vigorously on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the German Wine Institute, Generation Riesling and the German Wine Queen with information and video clips about sparkling wine. The DWI has also created a one and a half hour YouTube sparkling wine tutorial for those interested in sparkling wine, however it is only available in German at this stage.

#regional heroes and Royal Online Wine Tasting for "Wine Saves Life e.V."

From May 18, the DWI theme weeks will be all about “regional heroes”. Under the hashtag #regionalehelden, the focus is on regional wines for two weeks. We aim to familiarize consumers with the variety of Germany’s special regional wines including Gutedel from the Markgräflerland region in Baden, Elbling from the Mosel and Goldriesling from Sachsen.

As a special highlight, German wine queen Angelina Vogt and the two German wine princesses Julia Böcklen and Carolin Hillenbrand will present characteristic wines from all 13 growing regions in three online wine tastings from May 27th to 29th. The virtual wine tastings will be broadcast on the Instagram channel of the German Wine Institute (DWI) on each of the three days at 7 p.m. Four to five “regional heroes” will be tasted each day. The DWI is donating the entire proceeds of the campaign to "Wine Saves Life e.V.", an aid organization that has received the patronage of the incumbent German wine sovereigns since 2016.

From June 1 - 14 the DWI theme weeks are dedicated to the on-trend Pinot (Burgunder) varieties under the hashtag #burgunderwunder.


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