State government presents the first "queer wines"


A red wine from Maikammer in the Palatinate and a Riesling from Selzen in Rheinhessen were selected as Rhineland-Palatinate Ambassadors of Diversity.

Winegrowers are as different as their wines - with this in mind, Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP) presented the first "queer wines" in may 2022.

For the competition launched by the Ministry of Integration, all non-binary people in the industry as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex wine producers were asked to submit two wines each for a selective tasting. A red wine from Maikammer in the Palatinate and a Riesling from Selzen in Rheinhessen were selected.

Replenishment of the country's own wine cellar

State Secretary David Profit explained the idea for the initiative with a very factual reason: "When I became State Secretary, I realized that the wine cellar was empty." For the ministry's official wine gifts, he therefore developed the idea for the competition with State Secretary Andy Becht in the State's wine ministry. "We had a very nice wine tasting, we tried 20 wines." David Profit is also the Rhineland-Palatinate Queer Commissioner.

The presentation of the "queer wines" goes well with the country's Constitution Day, which was celebrated on may 18th, said Becht. The Federal State was "brought together" from different regions of historical and cultural character. If it hadn't been for wine with the six wine-growing regions of Rhineland-Palatinate (RLP), the state would not have made it this far in finding its identity. The state government wants to buy a total of 500 bottles of "queer wines" as "Rhineland-Palatinate Diversity Ambassador".

Advocating more tolerance

The "QueerWein Merlot" comes from the Felix Schädler winery in Maikammer. Winemaker Felix Schädler and his husband Uwe Reusch are involved in the "Gay Farmer" network and also sing in the singing group "RosaKehlchen". Christian Schätzel from the Kapellenhof winery in Selzen said about his "QueerWein Riesling" that sexuality was a private matter. But it is also about advocating more tolerance.

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