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Today, the German Wine Queen and her princesses have to be more knowledgeable and committed than ever. "Their task is to use their knowledge to convince specialists and wine consumers at home and abroad of the quality, diversity and uniqueness of our domestic wines. Young, modern and lively, they truly reflect the image of German wines," explains DWI managing director Monika Reule.


Expertise, language skills, confident demeanor and charisma

Elected by a jury of around 70 experts, the majesties attend well over 300 appointments throughout the year between them. Since many of the events they attend take place abroad, fluency in English is essential. Many of the applicants also speak French, Spanish or even Chinese. Independence, openness and reliability as well as a confident manner are important prerequisites for the highest representatives of German wine. Comprehensive specialist knowledge on the subject of wine naturally forms the basis for a wide range of tasks that arise from the office. This includes, for example, the moderation of wine tastings, supervision of exhibition stands or tastings as part of award ceremonies. Monika Reule explains perhaps the most important aspect of the office: "What makes every German Wine Queen unique is the personality with which she fulfills the office".

Digital skills are fastly gaining in importance

What particularly shaped the 2019/20 year of office was the increased online presence that was necessitated by the corona pandemic. In some cases, the majesties even created new digital formats and were able to show the office of the German wine sovereignty from a completely new side as well as getting to know it for themselves. "Even if we didn't have that much direct contact with people this year, we were able to take a lot with us and develop our skills very strongly", said Julia Böcklen, German Wine Princess 2019/20, about her challenging and at the same time instructive tenure. A year like 2020 shows how important digital competence is nowadays, even in a traditional office like that of the German Wine Queen.

Election with preliminary round then final broadcast on television

The election for the German Wine Queen takes place every autumn and is organized and broadcast by DWI and the television station Südwestrundfunk (SWR). As a rule, the 13 wine-growing regions send their respective regional wine queens to vie for the crown. After a preliminary round, six of the contestants move on to the final, where they have to show expertise and spontaneity as well as wit and charm in various games and tasks. The German Wine Queen is then chosen from the top three candidates, while the other two stand by her side as princesses.

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