Themed weeks: Sweeten the time with sweet, delicious wine


If you want to sweeten your days a little during these difficult times, the German Wine Institute (DWI) recommends enjoying locally produced sweet wines.


After all, hardly any other wine-growing country offers as wide a range of sweet wines as can be found in the German wine regions.

Hashtag for the campaign period: #lieblichlecker

Wine enthusiasts will find suggestions and information on this theme every day for the next two weeks under the hashtag #lieblichlecker on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the German Wine Institute, Generation Riesling and the German Wine Queen.

There are many recipes with wine recommendations, video clips from wine experts as well as information and hard facts about quality standards and Prädikat levels, from Kabinett to Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswein. In addition, you can test your wine knowledge with exciting quizzes and even win one of 13 packs of delicious sweet wine.

Desserts love sweet wines!

An important basic principle is: There can only be a harmony between dessert and wine if the wine is at least as sweet as the dessert. The selection of wines should therefore be based on the dominant flavours of the dessert. If fresh and fruity characteristics are in the foreground, then pair it with a fruit-forward wine with lively acidity. If creaminess dominates the taste buds, then the wine should be only a little sweeter and with moderate acidity. Try it out!

On our site you will find delicious dessert recipes for lovely wines (in german language only). How about, for example, a cashew coconut mousse with passion fruit accompanied by a Pinot Blanc Auslese or a Riesling ice wine? Or a Riesling Beerenauslese with a spring-like rhubarb semolina foam? Or an aromatic strawberry sorbet? You may also discover that a Beerenauslese complements a spicy blue cheese beautifully!

What’s your opinion?

We invite you to contribute to the theme #lieblichlecker, sweet, delicious wine. Who is a sweet wine lover? Who stands by their sweet palate? Or is it still frowned upon? Discuss at:





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