Think Global - Drink Local


Even if wine sales in the food retail sector are currently going well, wine producers who are not listed there are struggling with a significant drop in their sales.

"Many smaller businesses, in particular, whose main sales channels are through wine tourism, cellar door or gastronomy, are suffering greatly from the current restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic," explained the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule.

Numerous options to present and taste wines, whether at trade fairs, in their own winery or at wine festivals, have also disappeared for wine producers. That is why, according to Reule, it is very important that wine lovers continue to support local vintners with direct orders. Many producers are offering free shipping, even with small order quantities.

"Think globally, drink locally, is the motto now," says the DWI boss.

Virtual wine tasting is booming

Online wine tasting is currently experiencing a real boom, whereby one orders particular wines in advance, then joins the winemaker and other enthusiasts on the Internet at a specific time to taste the wines together. It is not uncommon for there to be 100, or even more than 200, participants in these virtual wine tastings, where wine lovers can also ask questions via chats. The DWI website lists more than 100 wineries and wine cooperatives that offer this service.

The DWI's database of wineries also lists more than 2500 businesses from which wines can usually be easily ordered via their own web shop, by email or by phone. In Corona times, many producers are sending their wines free of charge or have attractive tasting packages on offer.

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