Three men show their true colors


They drink pink and stand by it. Rosé is trendy and will be in the spotlight at The German Wine Institute's ProWein 2020 annual campaign. Earned?

Moritz Volke, International Seminar Manager at The German Wine Insitute on the importance and versatility of German rosé:

“Rosé primarily means uncomplicated wine enjoyment for me. But just like us human beings, rosé can be very versatile and multi-layered. Aged in barriques, for example, it gets a special creaminess and then goes perfectly with tarte flambee or tempura. ”This makes the rosé neither a pure summer drink nor a woman's drink for Volke. But quite clearly: an all-rounder that has many different tastes to offer. This makes it suitable for the whole year and can also be wonderfully combined with seasonal cuisine.

German rosé delights with its lightness, freshness and fruitiness. How come and what makes it so unique? Ernst Büscher, DWI spokesman, sees it like this:

"The Rosé USP is the richness of red wines paired with the lightness of the white wine." Incidentally, the rosé owes its liveliness to the cool climate of German growing regions. He clearly stands out from the southern European players.

Rosé, "Weißherbst" and Blanc de Noir. Manuel Bretschi, Head of Seminars at The German Wine Institute, explains it in a nutshell:

“In contrast to rosé, the so called "Weißherbst" is pure. So only one grape variety may be processed here for its production. Abroad we then speak of the special rosé. "The Blanc de Noir is the "quickie" among the rosés in terms of production. The juice has hardly any contact with the red berry skin, which is responsible for the color of the rosé and red wine, and is squeezed directly. Therefore, the Blanc de Noir does not receive any red color pigments, so it is not rosé and clearly belongs to the white wines.

Pink bubbles are especially appealing - Büscher says about rosé sekt:

Rosés have also grown enormously in the sparkling wine sector and who can blame them? Pink is an appealing color and combines well with the fruity aroma. If it also foams and bubbles it is of course a special eye-catcher.

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Manuel Bretschi, Ernst Büscher and Moritz Volke drink pink.